Oof da.

The last few weeks have swept me up into a potentially perpetual current of deadlines and and craziness in which the usual busy-ness has been multiplied by (everyone knock on some wood, cross a few fingers, and hold your breath) a possible last-minute trip to perform in Europe’s most picturesque still-politically-repressive state. [editor’s note: see […]

Neither here nor there

Last year about this time, I was preparing to return to Chicago after a winter-long stay in Louisville. It was splendid to spend time away from the few months that make me hate everything, even minus the tropical climate my chilled bones ache for every January or so. During that brief, lovely respite, I enjoyed […]

A Lull opens for Cold War Kids

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/14251448[/vimeo] Wow – intern Aaron’s band A Lull is opening for Cold War Kids at the Riv on March 11. This video is *beautiful.*

Ha ha, Hideout!

It’s been a long week, it seems, all work and rehearsals and now, for some reason, I’m in Indianapolis. OK, for good reason —to meet an old friend’s new baby and hang out with people I haven’t seen in far too long. Somehow, though, it feels as if the Hideout is much more than a […]

Tavi Gevinson on the Interview Show

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEjxS5TwTT0&feature=player_embedded#at=788[/youtube] Oak Park fashion blogger/high school freshman Tavi Gevinson on the Interview Show this month! Best quote ever: “It’s good for creativity when you’re confusing people.”

Dil Pickled

This past Thursday, a lovely thing happened: The Dil Pickle Club plucked itself out of Chicago history (as it is wont to do from time to time) and materialized inside the Hideout. And so I hung out with an old friend on an evening free from work. At work. Funny how that happens. I sat […]

The week that will be . . .

There was no Robbie show this past Monday, which meant I somehow got away with not coming to the Hideout once in a solid week. Left me feeling a little disjointed (and a bit too broke), which means I’ll be particularly enjoying the Robbie Fulks set — this week themed “I ♥ Liz Phair” — and […]

"We may be 75% water, but we're 100% certain that WET is best. . ."

I’ve been sick and grumpy and knee-deep in too-much-to-do, and January turning into February hasn’t exactly helped matters. So leaning on the bar and listening to esteemed writers battling it out at Write Club this past Friday was a bit of a treat. I can’t do justice to the arguments for Wet vs. Dry, Shut vs. […]

The Interview Show videos

Mark Bazer hosts “The Interview Show” here at the Hideout (almost) every first Friday evening of the month, and he’s always got great guests. Be here for the next episode of The Interview Show on Friday, February 4th, with musician Archer Prewitt, fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, local foods entrepreneur Cleetus Friedman, gospel/jazz group Come Sunday, and author Bethany […]