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Oof da.

The last few weeks have swept me up into a potentially perpetual current of deadlines and and craziness in which the usual busy-ness has been multiplied by (everyone knock on some wood, cross a few fingers, and hold your breath) a possible last-minute trip to perform in Europe’s most picturesque still-politically-repressive state. [editor’s note: see this]


Meanwhile, all sorts of goings on have gone on at the Hideout. Here are a few of the highlights I was lucky enough to be running around & slinging booze for:

  • The lovely-as-ever Kelly Hogan, who has such an effortlessly pretty singing voice it’s a little unfair, has been gracing the Hideout stage each Monday during Robbie’s month-long absence. I could listen to this every day. Easily.
  • The Arts of Life band. Never have I seen a sequined fish hat worn so well, or a band so enthusiastic, or an audience so full of joy.
  • Another round of Shame That Tune, featuring some of the best overwrought teenage poetry I’ve heard in a long, long time.

And now, though the crazy current of deadlines and ridiculousness is nowhere near its end, I’m looking forward to more Kelly, some Hot Grits and The Skull Defekts (to name just a few coming attractions) before March is through.

Then it’ll be April, and things will have slowed down, right? Right. . .