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Ha ha, Hideout!

It’s been a long week, it seems, all work and rehearsals and now, for some reason, I’m in Indianapolis. OK, for good reason —to meet an old friend’s new baby and hang out with people I haven’t seen in far too long.
Somehow, though, it feels as if the Hideout is much more than a few hours away, and I am sure that more fun than usual will be had in my absence.
Good thing there will be more good times to be had upon my return. Like one of the old standbys for the Hideout Hilarious, the Tuesday ha-ha-happening (wordplay! kind of!) that is Funny Ha Ha.
This round, enjoy the hilarity that ensues once Eric Zorn , Kelsie Huff, Steve Delahoyde, Maureen Ryan, and Dennis DiClaudio take the stage.
The theme this month is Snow Joke — remember way back when, a few days ago, when it was cold and miserable and snowy? Me neither. Regardless, it’s bound to be pretty damn funny. It does, after all, claim to be the best reading in Chicago. Ever. So you should probably check it out.
To get your laugh muscles and funny bones warmed up, here’s a nice little gem from Kelsie Huff on the art of the one-woman show:
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d57DKnppX4A&feature=player_embedded#at=95 [/youtube]