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Neither here nor there

Last year about this time, I was preparing to return to Chicago after a winter-long stay in Louisville. It was splendid to spend time away from the few months that make me hate everything, even minus the tropical climate my chilled bones ache for every January or so.
During that brief, lovely respite, I enjoyed not hating things while sorely missing quite a few fine Chicagoans. The only physical place I found myself wishing for, though, was the Hideout. Of course, there’s a bountiful bevy of fine drinking establishments in the Derby City — believe you me, we enjoyed our share. But none of them are constantly replenished with a solid supply of my favorite human beings, and so none of them quite measured up.

So, after a fair amount of procrastination-assisting nostalgia this weekend, I decided our decision to stick around this year was a sound one. It’s been quite a good winter — though, granted, this sudden goodwill towards winter may just be the effects of February ending, since spring suddenly seems to be (dare I say it?) just around the corner. Either that, or it’s the after effects of watching 10 episodes of Party Down right in a row.
In either case, I’m happy to be here and not some idyllic tropical locale. For real. There’s no Interview Show at Sandals, after all. Plus I just noticed that Beth Stelling is going to be featured this week. She’s a very funny lady. And lucky me, I get paid to wander around during her set. Sweet!