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Dil Pickled

This past Thursday, a lovely thing happened: The Dil Pickle Club plucked itself out of Chicago history (as it is wont to do from time to time) and materialized inside the Hideout.

And so I hung out with an old friend on an evening free from work. At work. Funny how that happens.

I sat and spectated while the theme of “Love/Death” was interpreted in myriad ways, including poetry, paintings, a tour through the Precious Moments museum, a presentation about serial killers, an algorithm for a mathematically perfect matchmaking system, and a ritual burning of notes to the dead.
Strange and wonderful, all of it.

Somehow (perhaps in part because Nat was tending bar), I ended up a little tipsy, grinning and full to the brim with love for the many, many people who make this grey, cold-as-shit town worth the winter weather.

Apparently even in February, when being outside for more than 30 seconds makes me want to punch the wind in the face, there are reminders of the reason I fell in love with this city in the first place: because it is overflowing with unique, creative, welcoming, and utterly entertaining human beings.

In the holiday spirit, please enjoy this Precious Moment valentine, complete with Spanish subtitles: