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"We may be 75% water, but we're 100% certain that WET is best. . ."

I’ve been sick and grumpy and knee-deep in too-much-to-do, and January turning into February hasn’t exactly helped matters. So leaning on the bar and listening to esteemed writers battling it out at Write Club this past Friday was a bit of a treat.
I can’t do justice to the arguments for Wet vs. Dry, Shut vs. Open, or whatever the final battle theme was (something to do with smell, I think) other than to repeat my favorite quote of the evening, by the incomparable, always hilarious Dean Evans:
“SHUT pulls up the pants of the coinslot hipster butt cracks. OPEN pees in the goddamn swimming pool and claims that the chlorine neutralizes it — bullshit.”
Write Club is like Fight Club, only with words, with pairs of writers assigned opposing topics to argue. It’s organized by Ian Belknap and happens semi-regularly at the Hideout. And even if you’re sick and grumpy and too busy to think, it’ll make you laugh and shake your head and feel like it’s not so miserable outside.
For a taste, here are Belknap and Chloe Johnston arguing for Work vs. Play: