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Baby Teeth Record Release Show with Bronze

Ages 21 and up
Friday, May 05, 2023
Show: 8pm // Doors: 7:30pm
Baby Teeth
Since 2003, Chicago’s Baby Teeth have brought joy to followers of lean pop/rock, thick vocal harmonies, generous hooks, and witty lyrics.  The trio features singer/songwriter/keyboardist Abraham Levitan (Bobby Conn & the Glass Gypsies, Shame That Tune), bassist Jim Cooper (Detholz!, Daniel Knox, Bobby Conn), and drummer Peter Andreadis (All City Affairs).  

Playfully self-aware, Baby Teeth’s energetic live show features ample three-part harmonies and memorable arrangements.  Cooper and Andreadis are both songwriters/bandleaders themselves, forming a pulsing, innovative rhythm section.  They’ve shared stages with indie luminaries like Fiery Furnaces and Silver Jews, made multiple appearances at Austin’s South By Southwest festival, and earned glowing reviews in Pitchfork, AllMusic, and the Chicago Reader.

When he was 11, Levitan began writing songs about middle age.  Perhaps it was a little premature?  Three decades later, he’s celebrating and skewering marriage, fatherhood, middle-class ambition, and the paranoid remains of the American dream.  What’s left to do when reality crashes the party of your stadium-sized dreams?  “Carry On Regardless”… to quote the title of Baby Teeth’s forthcoming LP, produced by Bobby Conn and coming late 2023.

“Carry On Regardless” documents Baby Teeth’s quest to land on their feet after a ten-year hiatus.  During that decade, Cooper and Levitan both had bouts with cancer, and Cooper briefly relocated to Los Angeles — the cause of the band’s original breakup in 2012 — before returning to Chicago.  Along the way came the joys and stresses of marriage, divorce, parenthood, and slowing metabolisms.  On the new LP, Baby Teeth track these pleasures, tragedies, and anxieties with an acute eye for detail.

While the record features weighty lyrical themes, there’s plenty of humor in the mix too, acknowledging the quixotic quest for arena-sized hooks on an indie budget.  The nimble, no-holds-barred production of Chicago glam-rock legend Bobby Conn shines throughout — genre-hopping from 80’s synth-pop to 70’s AOR to Bakersfield country.  The sonic palette is unified by luscious three-part harmonies and a wry lyrical perspective.  The result is a glorious return to form for these beloved Chicago indie-pop icons.

Ever so much more than a simple revival band, Bronze has a sound that is uniquely familiar and has caused fans craving old school AM Radio hooks to take note.
Their upcoming release is stacked top to bottom with sounds that take you from an illicit night swim in a downtown playground to the comfort of a 1982 velour loveseat just in time for sunrise.

· 21+

· Door staff will check ID.

· Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, please review your order carefully before confirming.
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