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Jah Wobble – Metal Box – Rebuilt in Dub Tour

Ages 21 and up
Friday, July 12, 2024
Show: 8:30pm // Doors: 8pm

Jah Wobble
Jah Wobble, born John Joseph Wardle on August 11, 1958, is an English bass guitarist, composer, and music producer. He gained prominence as the original bass player for Public Image Ltd (PiL), a post-punk band formed by former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon (Johnny Rotten). Jah Wobble’s distinctive bass lines and experimental approach to music have made him a notable figure in the world of alternative and world music. He has a vast back catalogue , including three big anthologies .  He still tours extensively with his band The Invaders of the Heart. He also tours performing Metal Box – Rebuilt in Dub. 

Early Life:

Jah Wobble was born in Stepney, East London. His interest in music began at an early age. His love for reggae and dub music played a crucial role in shaping his musical influences. He thanks punk for giving him the encouragement to start playing bass. 


Public Image Ltd (PiL):

In 1978, Jah Wobble joined Public Image Ltd as the bassist, contributing significantly to the band’s sound. His powerful bass lines were a key element in PiL’s pioneering post-punk sound, combining elements of punk, dub, and experimental rock. Wobble’s collaboration with John Lydon during the late 1970s produced influential albums like “Metal Box” and “Public Image: First Issue.”


Solo Career:

Even before leaving PiL in 1980, Jah Wobble embarked on a diverse and prolific solo career. He explored various musical genres, including world music, ambient, and electronic. His solo work often featured collaborations with musicians from different cultural backgrounds, further expanding his sonic palette.


Jah Wobble has released numerous albums throughout his career, including solo works such as “Betrayal” (1980), “Rising Above Bedlam” (1991), “Take Me To God” (1994) , “Molam Dub” (2000) “Chinese Dub” (2008) “Realm of Spells” (2018) Metal Box – Rebuilt In Dub (2021) and “A Brief History of Now” (2023). His discography reflects a constant evolution and experimentation with different musical forms.


The albums Metal Box – Rebuilt In Dub (2021) and “A Brief History of Now” (2023) mark Wobble’s first U.S. releases since 2007’s “Heart & Soul”. Both albums were co-produced and performed with guitarist Jon Klein (Siouxsie & The Banshees / Specimen)


Philosophy and Influence:

Jah Wobble’s musical journey is characterized by a fearless exploration of sound and a willingness to break musical boundaries. His commitment to embracing diverse cultures and styles serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians, encouraging them to push creative boundaries and explore the richness of global music traditions.

· 21+

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