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Chris Robbin with Rizzi Konway and 95 Goldie

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, May 01, 2024
Show: 8:30pm // Doors: 8pm
Chris Robbin’
Chris Robbin’ (FKA F.A.B.L.E) is a Chicago based alternative hip-hop artist hailing from the Englewood area. With a musical upbringing stemming from church, jazz, and theater, Robbin’ manages to string together a whimsical delivery of poetic rap and hard hitting concepts. Coupled with genre-shifting instrumentals and a powerful live performance, Chris Robbin’ is a hidden gem in the Chicago Underground.

95 Goldie
95 Goldie is an American rapper, songwriter, video director and executive producer from the southside of Chicago. Born and raised in what is known as the ‘wild 100’s” in the Roseland, Beverly, and West Pullman community, Goldie has carved his way into the Chicago hip-hop scene. With his soulful music and authentic lyrics. Heavily influenced by music and films from the 70’s– 90’s era. Goldie has blended these styles to create something unique and entertaining.

Rizzi Konway
Meet the digital demon of the Chicago music scene, Rizzi Konway: a true trailblazer who’s carved out his own unique lane in the world of music. With a remarkable ability to seamlessly fuse various music genres and deliver hard-hitting lyrical wordplay, Rizzi Konway’s artistry is a force to be reckoned with. His journey is nothing short of inspiring, and his live performances are unforgettable experiences that leave audiences in awe. Rizzi Konway’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and creative vision.

· 21+

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