Hideout owners do the Interview Show

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=363DO5Jm_yI[/youtube] Before this week’s current round of press craziness, Mark Bazer invited the owners of the Hideout up onto the stage they built and quizzed them about the bars early days. Stories were told! Shots were drunk! Read more at Bazer’s WBEZ blog. ALSO: The intrepid Robert Loerzel, intrigued by the flurry of nostalgia, poked […]

Hideout Favorite Declared a Genius!

Is the Hideout big enough for two MacArthur geniuses? Ken Vandermark will have to make room for our friend Jeanne Gang who won a 2011 MacArthur Genius Award today! Here’s a video with Jeanne here at The Hideout on Mark Bazer’s Interview Show:

Hideout lineup moves en masse to WBEZ

OK, not really — but hey, congrats to the Interview Show‘s Mark Bazer and Funny Ha-Ha‘s Claire Zulkey, the latest additions to WBEZ’s roster of bloggers! They join folks like Jim DeRogatis and fellow newbie Louisa Chu in adding their take on … whatever it is they’ll be writing about … to WBEZ’s terrific coverage […]

Hideout acapella

Sure, sure — we have a lot of groovy music. But what happens when the bands aren’t booked? A whole lot of awesome, that’s what, with talk shows and comedy and literary smackdowns galore. So we’re happy to see that lately the talkers in our mix are getting some love. Last week the blog Literary […]

Interview Show does NY

Mark Bazer’s taking his Interview Show on the road this week — all the way to Union Hall in beautiful downtown Park Slope (that’s in Brooklyn, kids). On the bill: chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton, funny dude Eugene Mirman, and hip-hop “deconstructionalists” Das Racist. We are very excited for Mark, and, whoa, so is the […]

Tavi Gevinson on the Interview Show

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEjxS5TwTT0&feature=player_embedded#at=788[/youtube] Oak Park fashion blogger/high school freshman Tavi Gevinson on the Interview Show this month! Best quote ever: “It’s good for creativity when you’re confusing people.”

Press roundup 2/9

The rest of Chicago may still be digging out from the snow — but I’m trying to dig out from under the avalanche of press about all the great stuff happening this week at the Hideout. Check it: Tonight (Friday) The Interview Show welcomes “Style Rookie” Tavi Gevinson, along with the always suave Archer Prewitt, local […]

Nate Berkus on Mark Bazer’s The Interview Show

Mark Bazer’s Huffington Post Nate Berkus, Design Expert Featured on ‘Oprah,’ on ‘The Interview Show’ [VIDEO] includes just over 20 minutes of video showing an interview conducted on the Hideout stage in May ~ catch The Interview Show with Mark Bazer at Hideout on the first Friday of each month