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Venues, Shows and Bands Pushing Women & Non-binary Performers to the Front of Chicago Music

While there is no doubt women, non-binary individuals and anyone else falling on the fluid spectrums of gender and sexuality have been central to the creation of music and culture across the world, they often take a secondary role when it’s time for credit to be passed out. And while music (sometimes) is seen as one of the more progressive platforms in the entertainment industry, it hasn’t been untouched by the patriarchal norms that stretch across culture and society. Shows like, It’s Raining Femme (at the GMan Tavern) and Ladylike (a storytelling series at Cafe Mustache) are working to bring women and other non-binary folks to the front. For too long the idiom “give credit where credit is due” has existed with limitations and asterisks. Women and non-binary individuals across Chicago are pushing back against that “norm” with a barrage of shows and performances made, directed, produced and performed by those outside the white-male demographic. They’re also working to shed a light on performers and creators across the city, country and world. Earlier this month Jessi Roti of The Chicago Tribune set out to find these shows and individuals and we’re honored to be able to provide a platform for one of those shows–take a read here.

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