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This week at the H/O

Oh my gosh – it is so late!
Here’s what you need to know to make your weekend RAWK.
Friday the 29th brings the “loose, cloudy folk explorations” of headliners Glorious Vapors, along with the latest from Tim Kinsella, and The Chocolate Horse. Beauty.
Saturday the 30th is the record-release party for The Lawrence Peters Outfit with The Velcro Lewis Group and Al Scorch’s Country Soul Ensemble. Our man Lawrence has himself a spiffy new website to go with his spiffy new album. Handsome! And Monica Kendrick at the Reader aptly observes that, whether in concert or in the privacy of your own personal music delivery system of choice, “Peters’s passion for Americana in all its forms—heartbreakin’ hard-drinkin’ honky-tonk country most of all—comes through in every note.” Hot Grits busts the moves for the dance party that follows.
Guitarists of all musical persuasions you are in for a rare treat this Sunday July 31st and should not miss this the extraordinary triple bill of Steve Gunn and John Truscinski Duo, William Tyler, and Matthew Mullane.  These boys don’t come to Chicago too often so we hope you can join us for this fantastic show!
And in case you missed it last week we announced our 15th Hideout Block Party which is taking place Saturday September 24th!!! Tickets are a wee $25 – and can be purchased HERE.
More on that — along with the Onion AV Fest, slated for September 11, comin’ down the pike.