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Studs Terkels' Birthday/Radio Archive Launch Celebration at the Hideout

Studs Terkel was an author, historian, broadcaster, activist and hero to the city of Chicago and its people (and too many of those who may call the Hideout a home). This coming Wednesday (May 16th) would be Studs’ 106th birthday. We’re throwing a celebration of his life, his work and the release of 5,000+ stories from Studs’ time as a radio broadcaster in association with The Studs Terkel Radio Archive. We’ll host friends of Studs who have stories of his work and their time together, play clips from the upcoming audio release and host a variety of musicians who’ll play some of Studs’ favorites. Rick Kogan wrote a piece on Studs, a man he knew well, and what he meant to Chicago and its people, plus previewed our party.