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Press roundup 2/23

Hey! Yeah!
Tonight: Both Time Out and the Reader flag the Immediate Sound Series appearance by Amsterdam’s Available Jelly for special note (ya gotta scroll down to “Sunday” … argh). Says Peter Margasak: “On Available Jelly’s latest album, Bilbao Song … all of the group’s virtues are on full display—Ellingtonian reeds, Mingus-like brass, strong original tunes, improvisational gambits that work like two guys playing chicken in cars.”
Here’s some more advance hype for this weekend’s record release from Save the Clocktower, this from the good folks at Loud Loop Press.
Over at the Reader again, Miles Raymer shares the new video from FOH/O Kent Lambert, aka Roommate. Quoting Miles, quoting Kent: “”If you’ve ever wanted to see Bazaar Bear from Donkey Kong Country lip-sync over Mellotron, vibraphone, and a 70s-soul type rhythm section, here’s your ticket.”