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Most Palatable Evangelism | Eat Out Awards 2012

Congratulations to our very own Martha Bayne for her 2012 Time Out Chicago Eat Out Award for, Most Palatable Evangelism!
It seemed like just another excuse for Blue Liners to drink and brood together. But in the three years since Martha Bayne started Soup & Bread, a weekly event that runs from January to April at the Hideout, she’s proven that a modest idea—serve free soup, collect tips for hunger charities—can morph into a movement for social change. This year, Bayne published the Soup & Bread Cookbook, a collection of recipes and essays about various organizations that use soup to achieve their missions. It was on her book tour, though, that S&B really took off. Bayne hosted one-off soup nights in cities such as New York, Nashville, Philadelphia and Detroit, and in some of those cities, it stuck. Now, we have a choice: Soup & Bread at the Hideout, or Soup & Bread in Madison, Wisconsin.
Thanks again to everyone who came out this year to Soup & Bread!