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MAVIS!, Jeff Tweedy, and The Hideout

Martha already posted here on the fabo Mavis Staples and the Grammy she took home for her most recent record, You Are Not Alone. Here is the full story on Cross Rhythms outlining how Jeff Tweedy came to produce that record… after seeing her play The Hideout in 2008.

“I had a concert on the north side of Chicago at a little club called The Hideout. He came backstage after the show and let me know how much he enjoyed it. A week later, my manager called and said, ‘Mavis, Jeff Tweedy wants to produce your next CD’. I said, ‘Oh, you got to be kidding me?’ He says, ‘No. He told his manager to make it happen’. (Laughs) After he finally made me believe him I said, ‘Well, that is great!’ Because I like Wilco – I hadn’t ever met them, but I’d heard their music.