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Kelly Hogan & Scott Ligon, Mondays in March

We’ll be graced by a familiar duo for three monday evenings in a row, starting tonight at 7pm with HOT GRITS directly after at 9pm!
The sweet sound of Kelly Hogan and Scott Ligon is well known by our regulars. They’ve teamed up on many a residency in the past, and we’re lucky to have them for the next three weeks.
For fans of trivia and our signature cocktail (the imminently drinkable Wooden Leg) it was Ms. Hogan herself who brought that whiskey delight to light here at The Hideout during her stint as the nicest bartender you ever saw. Ah the Wooden Leg. It’s like the third part to the intricate Hogan/Ligon harmonies.
Below is a little Hogan/Ligon video as amuse-bouche. Come ’round tonight, March 21, or March 28  at 7p for the full treatment.
More Hogan/Ligon deets.