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Hideout in good company on Timeout’s 54 Best Bars in Chicago

The 54 absolute best bars in Chicago


Raise your shot glass of Malört to the best damn watering holes in Chicago

Written by 

Morgan Olsen


Zach Long
Emma Krupp
Jeffy Mai

In a city where faded Old Style signs swing outside of beloved dive bars and lines snake around the block at trendy cocktail lounges, the best bars in Chicago act as meeting places, date locales and venues for celebrations. With so many great places to grab a beverage, our list of our all-time favorite bars around town is expansive—and inclusive of taprooms at Chicago brewerieswine bars uncorking bottles of red and white as well as the finest cocktail bars Chicago has to offer. In a city that’s packed with places to belly up and have a drink, these watering holes shine extra bright and boozy. Take a look at the best bars in Chicago and find the perfect destination for your next night out.

38. The Hideout

Once known primarily as a ramshackle country-rock roadhouse in an industrial stretch of the city, the Hideout has become a place where new musicians, veteran performers and outspoken personalities of all stripes dominate the stage. It can be difficult to reach this out-of-the-way spot by public transportation, but it’s worth the trip for the cheap beer, fresh sounds and DJs dropping nostalgia, from Prince to Devo. 


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