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Help The Hideout Help Haiti

You can still help The Hideout help Haiti!
Please purchase the Judgeworks posters shown below online!
Proceeds go to Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders!
Haiti MLK poster by Judge
Haiti MLK poster by Judge

The Hideout Haiti Benefit raised almost $8000 for Partners in Health!
It happened Monday evening, 1/18/10, and featured the Waco Brothers and Eleventh Dream Day along with a poster sale by Judgeworks and a bake sale organized by My Vegetable Blog. Door and sale proceeds of almost $8000 will be donated to Partners in Health. Thanks so much for giving what you could to help those in Haiti recover from this tragedy!
Haiti poster by Judge
Haiti poster by Judge

from Katie Tuten…
Dear Waco Brothers, Eleventh Dream Day, SALLY, Janet, Elliot, Tony, Jeanine, Martha, Judge, Sheila, Jerome, Noreen, Tyler, Mike, Jim and Tim (and Joanna “the bake sale gal” and her assistants!)
(and of course our lovely Hideout patrons who attended and donated their time and money!)
Thank you to everyone for your generous donations of time, talent, money, cook books, posters, baking, etc.
Sally will be sending the check to Partners in Health!
This is so so great! Thanks to all who helped!
With Love,
Katie, Tim, Mike and Jim
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