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Girls Rock!

Speaking of the Reader’s Best-Of issue (and of urinals),  Girls Rock! Camp was dubbed Best Place to Hear a Band of Nine-Year-Old Girls That Sounds Like the Urinals. And, well, we LOVE Girls Rock! Camp — and not just because some of our staff and associates have spent the last week teaching Chicago’s coolest tweens to play bass. We love it because, in the words of one teacher:
This Sunday* the GR!C grads perform at 3 PM at Metro. Here are the deets:
During Girls Rock! Camp, 75 girls will pick up an instrument, form a band, write and record an original song, and perform it on stage –all in one week!
This Sunday we introduce the newest class of GR!C grads in a performance at the legendary Metro. 18 bands guaranteed to rock your socks off, PLUS young DJs fresh out of DJ camp. As always, this event is ALL ages. Bring the kids and let them dance in our reserved shorty section while sharing in the inspiration.
This sessions bands include your new favorites: Angry Chipmunks, Flaming Mustaches, The Recycled Hearts, Corduroy Converse, LOL, Black Cats, Painting the Roses Red and many more!
Tickets are $7 in advance, $8 at the door.
Kids under 8 are admitted FREE
* We know — you were planning on coming to Day in the Country on Sunday. But c’mon … you can do both! You know you want to check out “Corduroy Converse.”