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15 years at the Hideout, in pictures

You know about the block party, right?
Well, the night before we’re taking over some nearby walls to mount Scrap Book, a show of photos shot at the Hideout over the past 15 preposterous years.
We’ve hit up some of our professional friends already for their snazzy shots of bands and whatnot. But you do not have to be a pro photographer to contribute! We’d love to see snapshots of your lazy days and long wasted nights at the H/O. We’re encouraging live band photos but scenes from everyday life of the Hideout would be greatly appreciated as well.
Photos should be mounted or framed and ready to hang, and you can submit as many as you like– organizer/curator Andrea Jablonski says she can help you weed through your flickr account if need be. The prints will be for sale, with only a small percentage going to the Hideout — and the rest going to YOU.
Ready to pony up? For more info contact Andrea at a.is.for.evil [at] gmail [dot] com.