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This weekend at the H/O

Sooo … we’re having some parties this weekend.
FRIDAY: Bloodshot Records celebrates the release of No One Got Hurt, the live album recorded two years ago during the label’s 15th anniversary celebration at the Hideout Block Party. The Wacos! Scotland Yard Gospel Choir! Danny Black and Nora O’Connor! Deadstring Brothers! YEAH.
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: The Onion AV Club gets a music festival of its very own, with headliners Hum and Archers of Loaf, and a whole mess of other bands I can’t even remember. Do you care? C’mon! It’s FREE — a fact Examiner.com cleverly pegs to …. our location? Anyway. There IS a suggested donation of $10,  a portion of which goes to benefit Rock For Kids. The Trib has the lowdown on how this all came about, and Time Out weighs in with its preview as well.
September is here and the Hideout is hustlin. See you on the street.