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This week at the H/O

This week, of course, there is major music action all over town. So let’s start with some early warnings about NEXT week, and beyond, before we dive in.
Just announced!
1. Cass McCombs Band, Monday, July 25th, 9 p.m.
2. Benefit for Parallax Sounds, a film exploring the influence of Chicago-the-city on music made in Chicago. Chicagoist has the goods on this, here. That’s Wednesday, July 27th, from 5:30-8. We’ll post more info closer to the date as details roll in -but mark your calendars!
Sooner than that, though,  on a date also known as NEXT Wednesday, we’ve got Eleanor Friedberger’, playing an early set at 8 pm. It’s just $5 — and , whoa, did you see her new album got a 7.9 on Pitchfork yesterday?
But this week,  we will dance. After the fork is pitched.
Tonight, the Immediate Sound Series: Bishop / Falzone / Parker / Lash / Daisy. BFPLD. Maybe … ‘Best Friends Play Luscious Downbeats.’
On Friday, we’re graced by the Smiths Night DJs, Brian Case and Joe Proulx, who’ll be gettin’-Smithsy-with-it from 10 pm on.
Saturday, Reckless Records DJs will be recklessly tossing out tight beats at 10 pm.
Dovekins wind down the weekend dreamy-style with Sidewalk Chalk and I Ching Quartet. Give a listen on Bandcamp.
Robbie Fulks with Beau Sample and Robbie Gjersoe, followed by Monday dancing with Hot Grits, then Justin & the Salty Dogs on Tuesday.
Let’s go!