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This Week at the Hideout!

Hello Friends!
Here’s what we got cooking this week, hope you can stop on by!
Tonight we have a record release party with Jeff Harms.  Jeff Harms’ fifth release, Pretty Girls Don’t Just Talk to Me is an album of duets produced by Sam Wagster (Fruit Bats,Father Costume, Dahlgren). Various local singers lend their voices to ten simple tunes.  Nora O’Connor, Rachel Ries, Dan Mohr, Gillian Lisee, Adam Vidaand Ben Boye fill out the sound.  Joining the bill tonight we have Weatherman and Plastic Eater.
Thursday, we have The Flat Five!  They are dubbing this night “The Flat Five and Friends” because they have invited Max Crawford and many other special guests to play with them!  There is also a chance that Beach Boys album “Friends” will be played in it’s entirety!  Bad news is that the show is SOLD OUT, so if you don’t have a ticket, be sure to see them for the last night of their Residency next Thursday.  Only a handful of tickets remain so get those now!
Friday, we kick off the evening with the 50th show of Shame That Tune.  The Chicago Reader’s Gossip Wolf says, “Back in 2010, when Gossip Wolf first covered Shame That Tune—which calls itself “America’s Favorite Comedy Musical Game Show”—we never figured it’d reach episode 50! But this oddball onstage entertainment, hosted by Reader contributor Brian Costello and pianist Abraham Levitan, will celebrate that milestone at the Hideout on Fri 11/14. And the years haven’t dimmed the Shame That Tune gang’s ambition. Levitan tells us, “Parody piano numbers about pants shitting are clearly poised to dominate the Top 40 over the next decade.”
Later, we have Quintron and Miss Pussycat.  After almost three years of random singles and a Grammy nomination for songwriting (“Chatterbox” 2012), Quintron finally have a full length release from New Orleans organist Quintron, Spellcaster II (Death In Space). The word “Spellcaster” in the title is both a reference to the Spellcaster Lodge – a New Orleans social club / recording studio which he and Miss P inhabit– and also a reference to the title of the very first Quintron organ LP.  A night of puppets, noise and weirdness sure to be had. BABES and Mac Blackout open.
Saturday afternoon we have The Late Late Breakfast which presents a new reason to roll out of bed early on the weekend. Chicago’s only comedy show for a drunken, weird Saturday afternoon. Hosted by lovable scamps Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin, Late Late Breakfast is a unique mixed-format standup show that offers something for everybody!
Later, we have Pampers.  Pampers are a band that doesn’t have much use for overdubs, second takes, or studio trickery. But, what they might lack in polish, they more than make up for in raw nerve. The band’s self-titled debut, released through the garage punk tastemakers at In The Red Records, is bad for your ears and rots your brain. It’s also a lot of intoxicating fun.  Heavy Times and Negative Scanner open.
At midnight our dance party is DJ Moose.  Daniel Musisi, AKA “Moose”, is a seasoned, Chicago-based DJ who seamlessly combines classic funk, soul, and disco with the latest pop and urban crowd pleasers to keep the dance floor packed.
Sunday, we have Happy to See Me: The “Fall-iday” Spectacular.  BoyGirlBoyGirl rejoins the Naomi AshleyBand tonight for HAPPY TO SEE ME: THE “FALL-IDAY” SPECTACULAR, an evening of stories, songs, story songs, and stories set to song about that most wonderful time of year.  HAPPY TO SEE ME: THE “FALL-IDAY” SPECTACULAR asks the question, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just roll up Columbus Day, Yom Kippur, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas into one day and get them all over with at once?”  The answer is yes tonight!
Monday we have Robbie Fulks playing with The Hoyle Brothers.  The show will feature some obscure country and western tunes and a good time will be had by all!
Tuesday, we have Write Club.  Let us clasp hands around the table of fellowship and holler at each other – join Overlord Ian Belknap (New City’s “Lit 50 2013” list) as he presides over these knuckle-breaking word-wrestlers who will engorge you with thanks. We shall put the corn in your ucopia. Cut of show proceeds to charities of the victors’ choosing, but mainly, our combatants do battle for the coveted Loving Cup of Deathless Fucking Glory: Kelsie Huff (SAVORY) vs. Amy Sumpter (SWEET), Kurt Chiang (FULL) vs. Nik Gallik (HUNGRY) & Jason Meyer (THANKS) vs. David Barish (NO THANKS).
Later we have The Hat Stretchers playing for the third night of John Hasbrouck’s month-long residency!  Bringing primitive Country with questionable attitude, The Hat Stretchers are Rick Sherry on guitar/vocals/harp,John Hasbrouck on banjo/mando/vocals & Jon Williams on fiddle/accordion/vocals!
See you soon!
The Hideout