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This Week at the Hideout!

Hello friends
The summer already feels like it’s flying by so let’s make the most of it while we still can!  Making the most of it, means stopping by the Hideout and checking out some amazing shows.
First off, the Hideout Block Party is creeping ever nearer.  Get your tickets now!
Tonight, its the beloved Veggie Bingo with Rusty Schwimmer & Rosalie Kaplan calling.  Proceeds benefit Bowmanville Gardens.  Great prizes as always including the coup de grace, a bushful of veggies donated by Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks.
Later, the Immediate Sound Series presents the Record Release Concert for “Bascule” from Jason Stein and Tim Daisy.  Celloist Tomeka Reid joins them for the second set.
Thursday, we have Drunken Prayer who write thoughtful songs with striking lyrics.  They craft a sound almost like an alt country Led Zeppelin and they also have a really cool band name.  Hideout favorites, Sally Timms and Janet Bean, come together to perform a selection of songs in this special appearance.  Jason Harrod opens with hushed folk songs.
Friday, we start off with Funny Ha-Ha hosted by Claire Zulkey.  The theme is Hot and Bothered and with Second City alum, Kate James, Homer Marrs and many more we plan on getting sweaty!
Later we welcome Las Guitarras de España.  Who write original tunes and have flamenco dance!  This ensemble is fantastic and it’s our pleasure to have them debut here at the Hideout.  Opening is the piano-based acoustic ensemble Morphtet.
Saturday the dreamy folk-stomp of The Singleman Affair breathes air into our lungs.  Health & Beauty open things up featuring drummer Frank Rosaly.  This is a veritable super group of Chicago artists and encompass many sounds.  El is a Sound of Joy start things off with their unique brand of rock and jazz.
Then get ready for RETREAT for our Saturday night dance party.  If you happen to be coming from an alternative musical festival earlier in the day, the Hideout is a great place to land and keep the party going!
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tuesday we have resident artist Abraham Levitan performing, “What You Least Expected!”  What that means, I’m not sure, what it means to Abraham, I don’t think he’s sure either.  But, I was in tears of joy last Tuesday watching him perform so please come out and see this great artist!
That is all for now.  See you soon!