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This Week at the Hideout!

Hello friends!
Thank you to all who came to our Bellwether festival last weekend.  We had perfect weather, outstanding music, great food and a lot of laughs all around.  If you didn’t get the chance to come come and hang out in the glamorous surroundings in front of our home, our seventeenth annualBlock Party is inching closer every day and now is a great time to plan ahead and get tickets!
On to whats going on here this week.
Tonight is Marvin Tate‘s second week as our resident artist here.  Marvin is a really powerful soulful performer and is joined by special guests tonight as he explores poems and spoken word experimentations.
Wednesday, we have Christopher Owens (from GIRLS) performing a very special intimate acoustic set.  Crafting a sound from pop, punk, country and punk music this eclectic performer writes from theheart.  Seeing him this up and close and personal will be transcendent. No openers, one voice, one man, one musical legend in the making.
Thursday the wood-paneled walls of the back room will be transformed into gauze as we welcome three local bands that create some of the most beautiful, gentle music in the city.  Up first we have theatmospheric art pop or Roommate.  Then we celebrate the record release ofBevel’s latest album Twin Knowledge.  At a barbecue this past week, folks were abuzz with how amazing it sounds.  Can’t wait to hear it live.  And closing out the night we have the dramatic painterly sounds of Pillowhammer.
Friday we start the evening with a laugh with Shame That Tune.  Embarrassing stories interpreted by genius, Abraham Levitan, make this show one of the most unique around town.
Our late show gets a little more serious as we welcome three truly feminist bands to our stage.  Creating truly fearless and intense music this three bands are poetic, smart and daring.  Will be a great show with The Fox & the Hounds, Radiant Devices and Shelley Miller & the BCC.
Saturday we have Superhumanoids.  If you haven’t heard of them right yet, you don’t read enough buzz music blogs!  Kidding aside, this band is positioned to become very big when their debut album comes out in August.  The cool electro pop is a great balm for a hot Saturday night as well.  Opening we have a personal favorite, Bastardgeist, who just released a new album and the complex dance music of Oscillator Bug.
Our dance party is the great RETREAT.  And very special guest, Escort, is joining in tonight which should blow some faces away.  Not to be missed!
And Sunday, we pay respect to one the Hideout’s greatest friends, Dan Blue.  Viking Boat parade starts at 1.  Let’s celebrate one of our own!
And an the evening we welcome back Janet Bean with Eleventh Dream Day.  After missing a Tuesdayduring her Residency we are glad to have this seminal band play tonight.
And Monday our favorite folksier and Fulkster, Robbie Fulks plays with his band.
Jam packed once again here so we hope to see you out!
The Hideout