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The Hideout 95 years ago!

Thanks to @emilyhilleren for bringing something to the table by posting the following tweet last Wednesday!

Which pointed to a wonderful “birds-eye view” map of “Chicago, Central Business District (1916) that was mentioned on @windycitizen

Zooming in on that map shows The Hideout 95 years ago! Check it out, looking much as it does (with the exception of the backroom not yet being there) today, 95 years later, it’s at about J-48, just above North Avenue and Goose Island…

And here’s a closer view…

Zoom in and explore this “birds-eye view” map (and others) at the original post on http://www.bigmapblog.com/
And also check out http://historicaerials.com where you can see actual overhead photos of Chicago and the area around The Hideout in 1939 and various years since!