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The Guardian names The Hideout a Top-10 Chicago Destination

With new non-stop flights from the UK and a large number of domestic tourism re-directing itself away from LA and New York, The Guardian took a trip to Chicago to comprise a ‘local’s guide’ to the city, putting together a list of the top 10 bars, restaurants and places to see across the city. Nestled between the likes of Humboldt Park, Al’s Italian Beef and The Empty Bottle sits the Hideout on Chicago’s list of ‘must-visits.’ Described as a ‘beloved bar’ with ‘twinkling lights and a homey vibe, it’s also just a damn fine bar to drink any night of the year with a friendly crowd,’ it’s safe to say they managed to capture a bit of the Hideout’s magic. Take a read and see what else made the list, and don’t forget to tell your friends all over the world about that special little bar on Wabansia.