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The F***ing Epic @MayorEmanuel book release party

That there? That’s Jeff Tweedy.
What the hell is he doing? He’s performing the Black-Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling,” acoustic, at Tuesday’s book release party for Dan Sinker’s The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @Mayor Emanuel.
Why?  Why the fuck not?
That video was posted a scant three hours after Tweedy took the stage, by Time Out Chicago, and since just about every media geek in town seemed to be on the scene Tuesday, it wasn’t long before others, new-media and old, weighed in, including CBS, NBC, the Sun-Times, and Scott Smith, director of digital strategy for Chicago Magazine. Go to that last link for solid-gold footage of Tweedy doing “My Humps” as spoken-word poetry.
Between Tweedy and readings from Dmitry Samarov, Megan Stielstra, and teen poets from Louder Than A Bomb — not to mention of course, Sinker himself — the evening was jam packed. But c’mon – the motherfucking high point was when MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL showed up, security detail and all. He flipped a finger gun at the door person, chatted up Dan, Jeff, and the owners, and left in one what-the-WHAT? lap. But before he did, he signed Dan’s copy of his own book.

Can’t read that? It says, “You are an asshole. Mayor Emanuel.”