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The Dirty Diamonds in The best shows The A.V. Club saw in 2010

The Dirty Diamonds
The Dirty Diamonds

In The A.V. Club’s year-end wrapup of 2010 in Chicago music, contributor Michael Depland singled out last summer’s Dirty Diamonds show at the Hideout!
Here’s what he had to say…
The Dirty Diamonds at The Hideout. Playing a pre-party for Lollapalooza, this show was better than most things on the main stage. This soulful garage girl group, if all of that makes sense together, brought everyone to the floor for my most memorable show. Basically they sound like The Walkmen and The Pipettes had a baby delivered by Sly Stone. The place was packed, and there wasn’t a still body in the house.
Thanks, Michael!
You can catch the Dirty Diamonds appearing again at the Hideout on Thursday, January 27th, 2011, headlining CHIRPRadio’s one year anniversary benefit show! And be sure to check out the entire post The best shows The A.V. Club saw in 2010 .