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The Campaign for Better Health Care is looking for IL based musicians who are willing to share their stories

Musicians!  Do your tour schedule and/or recording commitments make it difficult for you to find a health care plan without a full time employer?  Do you have a story to share about the struggle to pay health care costs without insurance?  We’re looking for health care stories from musicians who don’t have insurance now and would benefit from purchasing a low cost individual plan on the Obamacare health insurance marketplace when it opens this fall.  We can do the interviews either by video or text, depending on the each person’s level of comfort with being public — we will take the stories however people want to give them to us.  Would also love to get folks who are not only comfortable sharing their stories with us, but willing to be at press events or speak to media as we talked about last week.  Folks can reach out to me directly – email or cell is best.  Please feel free to share/repost.  Email us at kduffy@cbhconline.org.  Thanks!
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