A dive by any other name… TOC letter of the week

Thanks to Thad Rueter for this creative letter to TimeOut Chicago! He defends our honor while humorously pointing out what a real dive bar is really like. Perhaps his fine distinctions will help those few fine patrons of ours (we really do love you all) who may believe they’re “slumming” when they come to visit […]

John Dugan’s Time Out Chicago “The Cultural Cloud” feature

We’re very flattered that TimeOut Chicago included so many Hideout folks and close friends in their “The Cultural Cloud” feature, and to be included alongside so many great Chicago cultural heavyweights. So we’ve looked “deep into the cloud” and highlighted some heavy Hideout cloud connections in the colorful version above. Thanks very much to John […]

Pretty + Nice at The Hideout in Time Out Chicago

Julia Korol’s TimeOut Chicago TOC Blog Pretty & Nice + Title Tracks + Thee Hardy Mums at the Hideout: Photo gallery notices our “delicate Christmas lights” and reviews the bands. Thanks, Julia!

Time Out Chicago testament

Time Out Chicago’s 40+ outdoor spots to get your drink on and enjoy the weather outside says this about The Hideout… “The fact that a bar this incredibly difficult to get to via the CTA is packed almost every night with those who actually take the CTA is a testament to the Hideout’s devoted following. […]