Four stars for Tyler and Stephen!

Check out Time Out’s four-star review of the latest from Cupola Bobber, aka the Hideout’s own Tyler Myers and Stephen Fiehn. Sayeth the reviewer: “Cupola Bobber’s final Chicago debut (the collaborative duo is soon New York–bound) is expansive and intensely personal, vexing and direct, and—presented in its Humboldt Park studio, which seats no more than […]

Let Us Think of These Things Always. Let Us Speak of Them Never

Hideout barback Stephen Fiehn, one-half, with bartender Tyler Myers, of supercool performance duo Cupola Bobber, performs this week at the MCA in the U.S. premiere of Let Us Think of These Things Always. Let Us Speak of them Never. The piece is a collaboration between Lyn Hixson and Matthew Goulish, of Chicago’s late, lamented Goat Island, […]

In the neighborhood

The craziness of the holidays is finally over, and now it’s time for … well … the craziness of January at the Hideout. We have a newly arranged website — which you know, since you’re on it — and a brand-new blog, where lots of Hideout folks will be posting regular updates of all the […]