Campaign ’08: Artists Prep Protest Albums

Expose the Music Campaign ’08: Artists Prep Protest Albums highlights Mavis Staples’ Live: Hope at the Hideout (out November 4th) among many others who “Rock for Barack”

Obama congratulations at The Hideout

Thanks to kirstiecat for this great photo of the Hideout adorned with a beautiful Obama banner painted by Andrea Jablonski The Hideout extends both thanks and congratulations to all who helped make President-elect Barack Obama’s victory possible. Like the country we’re part of and love so much, the Hideout is a place where everyone is […]

Big Shoulders Ball press… The Hideout in DC

Joe Germuska’s Obama Inauguration Trip set (45 photos, 2 videos) on flickr Jeffrey Anderson’s Baltimore Citypaper The Chicago Takeover – Riding Into Inauguration Day On Big Shoulders says “This is the Big Shoulders Ball, and if you don’t get that, then you obviously aren’t from the Midwest.” Mehan Jayasuriya’s PopMatters The Big Shoulders Ball: Celebrating the […]