A message from Bloodshot HQ

Rob Miller says “thanks for coming to our party!“, concluding with the note that: “At 2 am, after we paid off all the bands, the soundman and all the production stuff, we were pleased to find out that we made $29 for the night.  As I was working on spending my $14.50 right then and […]

This weekend at the H/O

Sooo … we’re having some parties this weekend. FRIDAY: Bloodshot Records celebrates the release of No One Got Hurt, the live album recorded two years ago during the label’s 15th anniversary celebration at the Hideout Block Party. The Wacos! Scotland Yard Gospel Choir! Danny Black and Nora O’Connor! Deadstring Brothers! YEAH. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: The […]

Hideout + Bloodshot = Safety first!

The Hideout turned 15 last month, but our friends over at Bloodshot are a little bit older, if not demonstrably wiser. Rob, Nan, and associates celebrated 15 years in “business” by hijacking the Hideout Block Party in 2009. Now, 20 months later, here’s the incriminating evidence: No One Got Hurt, a live CD documenting the […]