Tim & Katie Tuten #43 on NewCity Music 45

From New City’s List of 45 people “Who Rock Chicago’s Music World” 43. Tim & Katie Tuten, Co-owners of The Hideout Along with the Hinchsliff twins, the Tutens operate one of the city’s best bars with a grassroots mindset, dedicated the bands and artists first and the everything else much later. The result is a […]

Tim & Katie #16 on NewCity Music 45: Who Rocks Chicago’s Music World

NewcityMusic Music 45: Who rocks Chicago’s music world names Hideout’s Tim & Katie Tuten at #16 for 2008! 16 ~ Tim & Katie Tuten ~ Owners, Hideout “When you think things are great, they can get better,” Tim Tuten says. “It’s very weird. The rest of the country has an economic crisis, and the wars […]

At Zeroes End: Music in Chicago 2000-2009

Tom Lynch’s NewCityMusic At Zeroes End: Music in Chicago 2000-2009 surveys changes to the Chicago music landscape over the last ten years, including quotes from Jim DeRogatis, Brian Peterson, Matt Rucins, Chris Baronner and the Hideout’s Tim Tuten, who talks about changes at the Hideout and in the Chicago hip-hop scene’s “more honest, thoughtful and […]

Best Alternative Dance Club is The Hideout… NewCity

Newcity Chicago’s Best of Chicago named The Hideout as Best alternative dance club! We were very honored to receive this award, and extend hearty h/o thank yous to all the patrons, DJs, promoters, staff and others who have helped make our weekly Hideout Dance Party! such a happening event.