(tomorrow!) SXSW … or bust!

It’s that time of year: Bands across Chicago are packing their bags and checking their transmissions for the annual 20 hour+ road trip to Austin’s SXSW music festival. And we at the Hideout are happy to see them go … Wait! We don’t mean it like that! We mean: tomorrow, Saturday, March 12, we team […]

Kids These Days, ‘Darling’ music video shot at H/O

Kids These Days shot a music video for their song “Darling” at the Hideout on New Year’s Day. That’s right, we multitask. And yes, that’s ginger ale in that young man’s hand. And yes, that’s the very handsome Pierce (H/O sound guy) cameo-ing as a bartender. (Don’t get too comfortable back there Pierce … or […]