This week at the H/O

Hey ho lovely people! Ok, so June got through it’s teenaged days more or less in one piece. Now for it’s early 20s. Let’s sow some wild oats and take ourselves out for a joy ride. Tonight, Fred Lonberg Holm’s Fast Citizens pulls this week out of the garage and onto the driveway. Time Out […]

Hideout acapella

Sure, sure — we have a lot of groovy music. But what happens when the bands aren’t booked? A whole lot of awesome, that’s what, with talk shows and comedy and literary smackdowns galore. So we’re happy to see that lately the talkers in our mix are getting some love. Last week the blog Literary […]

Hideout staff: Out from behind the bar

I know, it’s true … we live to serve our lovely patrons, to take their money and make them tasty drinks and let them know when the tamale guy is here. Still, there are rare moments when we are forced to tear ourselves away from the bar. Here’s what some of us have been doing […]

The Interview Show videos

Mark Bazer hosts “The Interview Show” here at the Hideout (almost) every first Friday evening of the month, and he’s always got great guests. Be here for the next episode of The Interview Show on Friday, February 4th, with musician Archer Prewitt, fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, local foods entrepreneur Cleetus Friedman, gospel/jazz group Come Sunday, and author Bethany […]