Neko Case & Block Party posters auctioned

Help Support The Chicago Women’s Health Center! Beautiful Posters made by Kathleen Judge for the recent Neko Case tours were auctioned on ebay by the Chicago Women’s Health Center to raise money for the center. Thank you for bidding on these posters. CWHC is a great organization! Read more about CWHC and see Hogan’s recommendation […]

The Hideout in ATA “Sights” magazine

Rod O’Connor’s “Chicago Rocks” article in ATA magazine “Sights” mentions Hideout and Block Party along with Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, Jon Langford, Joe Shanahan and more!

Hideout Block Party 2003 in The Onion

The Onion on Hideout’s 2003 Block Party: The Hideout isn’t just a club, it’s a clubhouse — a place to hang out while an assortment of regular bands heats things up. Friday and Saturday, the Hideout hosts its annual Block Party, a terrific event made more so by the fact that it’s a charity fundraiser. […]

Hideout Block Party 2008 reviews, photos and videos!

“Halloween in September” in koneerok’s Hideout Block Party video Rhymefest performs Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with Gang of Zombies (hideout staff) “y’all ready to have a good time, let me hear you say hell, yeah!” Xtine’s Hideout Block Party: Day One and Hideout Block Party: Day Two johnb’s Hideout Block Party 2008 according to […]

Thriller with a Chicago Twist at Hideout Block Party

Konee Rok’s Rhymefest Thriller Zombie video in Marcus Riley’s Thriller With a Chicago Twist Drops for Halloween – Video Shot at Hideout Block Party says “this year, something special happened” and includes a link to a podcast interview with Rhymefest

Hideout is “a true gem” on

Lynne Kiesling’s Music is heart-healthy! tells a story about bringing a visiting friend to the Hideout to see Centro-matic, includes a brief review of that Thursday 11/13 show, and says “Seriously, if you like music and you are ever in Chicago and have a free evening, it’s well worth going to the Hideout, even […]

Hideout Block Party on

Rory O’Connor’s Hideout Block Party helps you relive the warm end of summer festival with plenty of great photos and capsule reviews

The Frames at Hideout Block Party 2007

Peter N’s 2 U I Bestow Irish Achievement of 2008 includes The Frames and Glen Hansard, and concludes with links to hear their Hideout Block Party performance of 2007