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Ring in Valentine's Day at the Hideout with The 12th Annual Make-Out Party!

Valentine’s Day tends to be a hit-or-miss for most; but for a significant portion of the population, single or otherwise, is palpably apathetic to the Hallmark Holiday. One adjective that isn’t often associated with the “holiday” is ‘Fun.’ But that’s not the stance taken by The Make-Out Party Orchestra. For the 12th time in as many Valentine’s Days, The “Annual Make-Out Party; “An Evening of Aural Intercourse,” comes to the Hideout this weekend. Playing original tracks, film scores and other classic love themes, the 20+ person band is bringing the Valentine’s Day party to the stage this Saturday at 8:30 PM. And if that’s not incentive enough, TimeOut Chicago insists that it’ll be one of the best things you do all of February, so come on down!