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Rick Kogan Sits Down With Gregorio Gomez & Chuck Kramer to Talk Poetry, Valentines Day and the Hideout

Rick Kogan, the primordial voice of Chicago radio, sat down last week with Weeds Poetry Open Mic hosts, Gregorio Gomez and Chuck Kramer, to discuss their upcoming, Valentines Day eve Erotica Exotica Poetica Extravaganza going down next Monday night (2/13) from 8:30-12:00.41-atlg

Called “nothing short of the greatest Valentines Day experience in Chicago,” the Erotica Exotica Poetica Extravaganza has been a Valentines tradition carried out by Gomez and Kramer for the past 30 years. A night of romantic catharsis, poets from across the city converge on the Hideout equipped with poems of love, lust, loss and just about every other Valentines Day emotion you can think of; nothing is off limits.

Hit the link to listen to their entire discussion.