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Remembering Diane Izzo

Friends and colleagues are paying tribute to sublimely talented singer-songwriter Diane Izzo all over town today. Izzo, a regular on the meandering loop connecting the long-gone Lunar Cabaret and Lounge Ax and the Hideout, relocated to Albuquerque from Chicago a few years ago. She died of cancer Friday at the age of 43. Our hearts go out to her friends and family for their loss.
Greg Kot says her 1999 debut album, “One,” was “one of the best singer-songwriter albums ever to come out of Chicago.
Jim DeRogatis says that in a just world she would have become “the post-alternative era’s Patti Smith.”
Her friend Jim Newberry tries to capture her beauty in these photographs.
Dangerous Minds has posted the trailer for Black & Gold,  the film Izzo and her partner, Marco Zas, have been working on for  a while now.
And Robbie Fulks simply says, “A fierce artist, kind person, and a real good singer, gone awfully early.”
Monica Kendrick remembers her as “an exacting perfectionist who drove herself hard.”
This WBEZ tribute includes samples of her “elegant and emotive” music.