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Obama congratulations at The Hideout

The Hideout Obama banner by Andrea Jablonski photo by kirstiecat
The Hideout Obama banner by Andrea Jablonski photo by kirstiecat

Thanks to kirstiecat for this great photo of the Hideout adorned with a beautiful Obama banner painted by Andrea Jablonski
The Hideout extends both thanks and congratulations to all who helped make President-elect Barack Obama’s victory possible. Like the country we’re part of and love so much, the Hideout is a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted. Some once said “you can’t do that” to us, also, and to that we again say patriotically… “Yes, We Can!”
Celebrate this week at the Hideout!

change we need video from Peter Cunningham and friends with music by Peter Cunningham, Liam Cunningham and Kevon Smith, with performers Marshall Titus on lead vocals, Vince Willis on keyboards, Larry Beers on drums, Kevon Smith on bass & guitars, and Robin Smith on background vocals
Jake Moon’s Yes We Did – a short documentary on the Barack Obama Rally at Grant Park
Martha Williams’ portion of Time Out Chicago’s Election day 2008: Election-watching around town includes a nice photo of the scene outside the Hideout at closing time early Wednesday morning.

Ralph Stanley endorses Barack Obama — hear the radio ad airing in Virginia saying Obama is “A Good Man”