1354 West Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 | 773.227.4433

Mondays = FUN!, and other stuff

Ok, so… I have to say, you missed it last night. No, we didn’t have Iron and Wine, no we didn’t have Billy Corgan, we just had a wonderfully regular night.
Kelly Hogan and Scott Ligon attended to us with a solid two hours of suggested donation bliss, followed by Jacob Ross displaying his well honed DJ chops as Hot Grits. I’ll say this: Kites ARE Fun, and one Hot Grit is as good as many. Come by next Monday, and you’ll understand. Mondays can be the best-days.

The other fun thing going on last night was the state of Wabansia street. If you thought we were a strange bar to approach before, like Erin H. on yelp, you’ll think we’re even stranger to meander up to now. Some of tonight’s beginners thought it was too hard to get into the bar, what with having to traverse the yellow tape, the two channels of gravel, and the partially formed curbs. Don’t you worry, I told them about how it simply made it more fun.
Never-the-less, the first few comers convinced Dan B., our regular supreme, that we needed to do something about the situation. So, he went and got his pneumatic nail gun and made the approach real safe by installing some planks. As in walking the plank. Er… planks. I think he did a pretty good job. But, not everyone agreed. Below, you’ll see Emily S. who, after wrestling the nail gun away from Dan, put in a few more nails. Now that’s safe!