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Mavis Staples records Live: Hope at the Hideout

Mavis Staples Hope At The Hideout by Sara Zupko
Mavis Staples Hope At The Hideout by Sara Zupko

Jim Farber’s New York Daily News Mavis Staples gives civil rights classics new power says “The timing of Mavis Staples’ latest release couldn’t have been better. In the very week when the country elected its first African-American President, the veteran singer has released a concert album of civil rights songs, Live: Hope at the Hideout” and describes Mavis as “a national treasure, a key spoke of history and, very possibly, the most stalwart singer alive.”
Jed Gottlieb’s Boston Herald Obama lama ding dong: What musicians should get the vote for inaugural festivities? calls Mavis Staples “One of the civil rights movement’s greatest voices (both literally and metaphorically)” and says “her new live album, Hope at the Hideout, is a moving set of Obama-perfect protest standards.”
Alexis Finch’s gapersblock.com Transmission O’Death: A Flailing of the Heart says “Rolling up to The Hideout is always a bit of a leap down the rabbit hole.”
Kalamu ya Salaam’s breath of life Mavis Staples Mixtape reviews three recent Mavis Staples releases including Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout
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Vish Khana’s exclaim.ca Conversations: Mavis Staples interview discusses Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout and her Canadian connections
Scott Mervis’ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Mavis Staples’ throat cleared for Obama previews her 11/22 Mahalia Jackson tribute performance
Jim Abbott’s Orlando Sentinel music record review of Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout says “The magic is the timing: Listening to these old spirituals in an era of change offers another window to appreciate such historic times.”
Troy Hunter’s gapersblock.com Transmission Mavis Staples Hits the Hideout says “…another of Chicago’s own grows her legend.”
Greg Kot’s Tribune The live album lives, from Neil Young in ’68 to Mavis Staples in ’08 concludes with the following about Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout “…a snapshot of an artist at work. And like the best live albums, it transcends its moment with a performance that demands to be heard again and again.”
Jeff Vrabel’s jeffvrabel.com Review: Mavis Staples, “Hope at the Hideout” calls the album “a joyous house party that benefits from a wonderful alignment of the stars: It was recorded in her return to a cozy, sold-out blues house in Staples’ Chicago hometown and released on Election Day.”
Scott Barretta’s clarionledger.com (Oxford, MS) Staples gives ’60s songs new context
Andy Whitman’s pastemagazine.com Mavis Staples — Live: Hope at the Hideout tells a great story about interviewing Mavis
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Grant Alden’s nodepression.com column “I’m On My Way” says Mavis Staples sings “…like mother earth, a woman of some years and formidable wisdom.”
Sal Nunziato’s “If it’s Tuesday…-New Releases, 11/04/08” gives Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout his “Pick of the Week” and says “this recording is all one could ask for in a live record–you hear what was performed and no more. The recording captures the room so perfectly, you feel as if Mavis is testifying in your living room.”
Martin Bandyke’s Detroit Free Press Fresh thoughts on new music calls Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout “bare-bones but powerful” and “Simply magnificent”
Another advance track from Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout (due out Election Day) on WXPN Philadelphia’s My Morning Download “Waiting for My Child” is available for your listening pleasure today – will it be there later? listen now! listen closely and hear the Hideout’s Chinook Lounge music room’s electrified ambiance, and maybe even a friend or two enjoying the performance!
Marco Santana’s The gospel according to Mavis Staples – Singer at center of civil rights struggle quotes Mavis on recording her new “Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout” (to be released on Election Day) saying “It was a nice, close, intimate, warm feeling in there… We just let go.”
Patrick Sisson’s Pitchfork Interview: Mavis Staples starts by asking “Did singing and recording the new album at the Hideout remind you of the small clubs you played at when you were just starting out?” and goes on to discuss Barack Obama and how she’s “…still doing what Dr. King and Pops want me to do.”
Check out a nice alarmpress.com preview on the upcoming Mavis Staples album “Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout” coming out on Election Day. The page includes a preview of the album in the form of the song “We Shall Not Be Moved” which was pre-released on the first day of the convention.
“Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout” to Be Released on Election Day on ANTI- Records
50 Years Later, Mavis Still Hopeful for Change as Her Life’s Work Moves From the Streets to the Polls
LOS ANGELES, CA, Aug 27, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — Mavis Staples, the first lady of resistance, is set to release “Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout” on November 4th of this year. Fitting that Mavis’ record should come out the same day that one of the most momentous elections in U.S. history will be decided, as her dedication to social justice and freedom spans over 40 years of modern history; first as lead singer of the Staples Singers, where her voice became the living soundtrack to the Civil Rights Movement, continuing through to 2007 when she won a Free Speech award created to honor artists that have incited discussion and worked against the status quo through their music and their actions.
With the election season kicking into high gear with the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, MN, Mavis is releasing the first track off “Hope At The Hideout”. Entitled “We Shall Not Be Moved,” the song is a soulful rendition of a classic freedom song. While the song, which includes lines like “we’re fighting for our children / we shall not be moved,” could be the theme song for either of the current political campaigns, Mavis puts it squarely into context during an instrumental break-down in the middle of the song. In the South in the 1960s, Mavis drawls, just trying to have a meal in a restaurant was in itself an act of civil disobedience, and when she and her fellow marchers would be forcibly ejected by the police, they sang “We Shall Not Be Moved.” By the end of the song, we get a real sense of where this amazing figure has been, and how much we have to learn from her. “We Shall Not Be Moved” is available at www.anti.com
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney

Mavis has deep roots in this election. She and Barack Obama attended the same church in Chicago. Obama, the man Mavis has called “in a way, so much like Dr. King” — and she would know, for Mavis and her family worked side by side with Dr. King fighting for civil rights — will deliver his highly-anticipated speech to the DNC on Thursday, the 45th anniversary of Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Congressman John Lewis, who figured prominently in Monday night’s moving tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy, wrote the liner notes to Mavis’ last record “We’ll Never Turn Back.” But her connection goes deeper than personal relationships. In a year where “hope” and “change” are buzzwords of the day, “Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout” highlights how those two words are aspirations she has lived her life striving for.
Mavis Staples live album set for November release
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Truly great live albums are about capturing lightning in a bottle, that rare and perfect convergence of time, place and performance. When legendary soul/gospel artist Mavis Staples returned home to Chicago this last June for a performance at The Hideout, Chi-Town’s renowned stronghold of alt country and purist rock and roll, it was undeniably such a moment.
Those who packed the sold-out club were blessed with a riveting musical statement as Staples, backed by her fiery three-piece band and three backup singers, put on a rousing musical tour de force. Fortunately, for those of us unable to be there in person, the show was recorded and the album, Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout, is set for release November 4th.
Acclaim for Staples’ Hideout performance:
“Anyone who was hearing this American treasure in concert for the first time learned precious lessons about where we have been and where we are today. Staples stood tall and shouted, ‘My mind is made up, my heart is fixed.’ And she smiled. She was not alone. – Chicago Sun Times
“There are few living musicians who can lay claim to being America’s conscience, even fewer who continue to make vital music. On Monday night at The Hideout, Mavis Staples proved she’s still capable of both… Staples showed she can light a fire, agitate for change or re-energize the American songbook.” – Time Out Chicago
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney

“While performing a 14-song set that canvassed her 52-year career, Staples sang with a voice that has long distinguished her from the R&B greats of her era and those who reach for that crown today.” – Chicago Tribune
“Staples’ sold out performance at Chicago’s Hideout last night brought the Civil Rights movement and all those souls who marched, sang and prayed during that critical time, to the crowded little room… The ghosts of the marchers stood among us, swaying, stamping, clapping.” – Popmatters
Track Listing for Mavis Staples Live: Hope at the Hideout
1. For What It’s Worth
2. Eyes on the Prize
3. Down in Mississippi
4. Wade in the Water
5. Waiting For My Child
6. This Little Light
7. Why Am I Treated So Bad
8. Freedom Highway
9. We Shall Not Be Moved
10. Circle Intro (encore)
11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (encore)
12. On My Way (encore) –
13. I’ll Take You There (encore)
Recorded at The Hideout in Chicago, IL
Mavis Staples – vocals
Rick Holmstrom – guitar
Jeff Turmes – bass
Stephen Hodges – drums
Yvonne Staples – background vocals
Donny Gerrard – background vocals
Chavonne Morris – background vocals
Mixed by Rob Schnapf
Scott Smith’s great TimeOut Chicago review of the Monday night Mavis Staples live album recording show at Hideout is now online for your reading pleasure, and here are a couple of photos taken by Ryan Sweeney.
Also check out additional great reviews from Dave Hoekstra in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Guarino in the Chicago Tribune, and Karen Zarker (with Sarah Zupko photos) on popmatters.com
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney
Mavis Staples at The Hideout by Ryan Sweeney

Mavis Staples on why she chose Hideout to record her live album! Time Out Chicago’s Scott Smith wrote a nice The TOC Blog > Music post about the recent Mavis Staples show at Hideout, and then updated it with a quote on Hideout from Mavis Staples herself!
You know how every once in a while you hear about a show that from the sound of it will likely be one of the best shows of the year? Jon Brion’s show at Hideout comes to mind, and another upcoming show at the Hideout is giving me that “Must-see” vibe: Mavis Staples will record a new live album there on Monday June 23.
Update: As for why she chose the Hideout for this show, Ms. Staples – via her publicist – had this to say: “I definitely wanted to do something in my hometown. I love playing at Symphony Hall, Millennium Park, Ravinia and places like that but for the live recording, I wanted to do something that was really intimate. I wanted to be able to feel the closeness of the crowd, see the smiling faces up close, you know, feel the spirit, and The Hideout is a perfect place for that.