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Kickstart the LPO

You may know Lawrence Peters from his work with such outfits as Kelly Kessler and the Wichita Shut-Ins Featuring Lawrence Peters, Magnolia Electric Company, Plastic Crimewave Sound, the Velcro Lewis Group, Eiren Caffall, Mar Caribe, the Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band, and, of course, the behind-the-bar area of the Hideout. Now, our most dapper bartender is puttin’ out a rekkid with his own outfit — the Lawrence Peters Outfit — and he needs your help.
Much of the work’s been done already, but there’s still more to do, so he’s started one of them newfangled Kickstarter pages to raise the juice to cover some final vocals, remixing, and overdubs. Check it out and consider a donation! There’s even a fancy video on the page where Lawrence explains his project himself, and plays a purty little song called “The Wind.” The version on the Kickstarter page sounds better, but here’s a li’l video of the LPO in action,  performing “The Wind” on the snazzy Pritzker Pavilion stage in Millennium Park.