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Judgeworks Studio Sale, tomorrow

Before you hit the Hideout for a day of bands at our annual ‘pat-on-their-tush’ SXSW send off party, Judge is opening her studio for a studio sale tomorrow.

Judge is a beloved former h/o bartender, now preeminent printmaker. She has made some of the most memorable Hideout Block Party posters, show posters, and puppet shows.
Says Judge:

Dan Grzeca and Kathleen Judge are opening up their shop to the public this Saturday. New prints, old prints and monoprints! There will be a table of very low-priced “Factory Seconds”, some as low as $5! Conversely there will be expensive work as well! Art for all incomes!! Judge gives discounts for proof of receipts for donations to Planned Parenthood! As a matter of fact –for proof of donations to ANY progressive organizations we like, we will knock off a few bucks! Anything to get the Oligarchy riled up at us!

WHEN:    SATURDAY MARCH 12, 1 – 6pm
WHERE:  JUDGEWORKS/ GROUND UP STUDIO, 4045 N Rockwell 3rd Floor, Chicago IL 60618