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Jon Brion at The Hideout in Chicagoist

Lizz Kannenberg’s The Chicagoist Music column “Spend ‘Amateur Night’ with a Real Professional” on Jon Brion’s upcoming New Year’s Eve show at Millenium Park had this to say about his 2006 show at the Hideout…
Fast forward to the winter of 2006 and many, many strings pulled to get into Brion’s show at the itty bitty Hideout. We’ve never been so sardined into a space before, and the fact that we couldn’t get our winter coat off all night (and it had to be 85 degrees in the music room) or get to the bar for a beer seemed inconsequential in the face of what was witnessed. It’s hard even now to describe this guy’s mastery of what it means to entertain; there are plenty of folks, from Keller Williams to Andrew Bird, who use looping to create layered sounds on their own, but Jon Brion does it to create an entire band. He writes, he produces, he performs, and he blows minds – all better than just about anyone else in the game. We’d bet we’re not the only ones who left the Hideout that night thinking we’d just seen the best live musical performance we might ever see.
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