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Jeff Thomas Composes Redmoon’s The Astronaut’s Birthday

Jeff Thomas (who you may know as a Hideout bartender) was the Composer for Redmoon Theater’s critically acclaimed Spectacle 2010: The Astronaut’s Birthday, and Katie says “The music was amazing!” Here’s how Redmoon describes it…
“Gather in the plaza of the Museum of Contemporary Art and be witness to an ENORMOUS STORYBOOK of EPIC ADVENTURE! Marvel as we take over the entire façade of the MCA with our collision of SCIENCE FICTION, COMIC BOOK, SPECTACLE PERFORMANCE, WILD SHADOW, SILHOUETTE PERFORMERS, AND BERSERK MUSIC! COME AND BE ASTONISHED…”
The Astronaut’s Birthday is created in partnership with MCA Stage.
The Astronaut's Birthday Redmoon poster
The Astronaut's Birthday Redmoon poster

“Redmoon Theater is why you say: ‘I’m glad I live in the city!’ …they have done an absolutely amazing production! …a story for today.” – WTTW Chicago Tonight with Hedy Weiss, 09/14/10
Chris Jones recommends “Hottest Ticket” for Astronaut’s Birthday – Chicago Tribune, On The Town arts section 09/17/10
“Urban bliss can come in many forms. But it would be difficult to imagine a more transcendent experience – or a more profound manifestation of the magic this city and its artists can conjure – than Redmoon Theater’s new project, The Astronaut’s Birthday…” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times
“The fiercely analog Redmoon has built a major outdoor show on the back of an overhead projector and a hand-drawn comic book…The Astronaut’s Birthday is an exceedingly cool idea that offers such a fresh take on public art and outdoor performance…the pleasure of sitting atop a familiar sidewalk, listening to original music, watching lines wiggle and enjoying a very distinctive show that really is made in Chicago, right before your restless eyes.” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
“…a marvel of synchronization and ingenuity, and the production’s homemade, hands-on aesthetic dovetails nicely with its humanistic moral.” – Zac Thompson, TimeOut Chicago
“…extraordinary … an epic production.” – Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review
“… a masterful work of theatrical engineering and spectacle… astonishing.” – Shaun Manning, Comic Book Resources
“…this is typical Redmoon sorcery.” – Lawrence Bommer, Steadstyle Chicago
“If you want to see an unusual, creative, and entertaining multimedia performance, look no farther than ‘The Astronaut’s Birthday’, an outdoor event resulting from a collaboration between Redmoon and the MCA.” – Donna Robertson, The Examiner
“The MCA-commissioned project is another hyper-ambitious effort from the endlessly imaginative Redmoon crew, world famous for site-specific spectacle theater.” – Joel Hoglund, CS Magazine
“Unlike the high-tech, high-concept space films Hollywood is churning out by the bushel, ‘The Astronaut’s Birthday,’ which opens to launch the MCA’s acclaimed performance series, is defiantly hand-made and low-tech…” – Rachel Shteir, Wall Street Journal
“Easy to describe just isn’t what Redmoon Theater is into. If this company ever came up with an event that could be summed up in a sentence, they’d scrap it and start over and make it more complicated. More spectacular. More of a scramble of the senses…” – Collections: “What’s Next!”, Chicago Tribune