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Michael Slaboch, talent buyer at the Hideout, archivist and producer for the Numero Group, what he’s obsessed with. His answers are. . .
JC & Co., Music by JC & Co. It’s refreshing (and very rare) to hear an album for the first time and immediately want to have it on repeat from top to bottom for the entire day. This happened recently with the new self-released LP by Texas-based artist Jason Chronis. Parts of the album could easily be mistaken for Jon Brion outtakes, and it also has some really catchy Zombies-esque hooks—which made it the perfect soundtrack for our unseasonably warm March.
Mazzy Star, “Common Burn” b/w “Lay Myself Down” Hope Sandoval comes to terms with her identity crises and returns as Mazzy Star for the first time in 15 years on this self-released seven-inch. Both tracks exude all of the reverb-laden mysteriousness and sonic subtleties that made her earlier work so special. Now let’s just hope there’s a full-length getting finished sometime soon.
WFMU archives If you’re looking for an engaging alternative to the highly manufactured musical streaming world of Pandora this and Spotify that, look no further than the free-form radio archive of WFMU. A listener-supported FM station out of Jersey City, NJ, WFMU has DJs—yes, real human beings volunteering their time to choose and play music for you!—who are all over the proverbial map, exposing you to an endlessly vast array of tunes you never knew existed.